Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs Yahoo News Dylan Stableford - Media Bias Explained

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Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs Yahoo News Dylan Stableford - Media Bias Explained

Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs Yahoo News Dylan Stableford - Media Bias Explained

If you are like me, you go to and look on that homepage for what is going on this World. I have been doing it for many years, and it almost feels like a habit. I just start typing in Y-A then hit return and I'm on This 2016 Presidential election though would have a couple different stories about Kardashians and many stories about how horrible Donald Trump is. Hillary has many scandals behind her, but you never see many bad stories about her. Even today, Yahoo writes a story about Trump new campaign ad against Hillary for her obvious horrible judgment with a personal email server. The story here - quickly goes into a story written up about how Hillary is not at fault and why this FBI investigation is not a problem. So, why does Yahoo News have such a personal bias against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton? It breaks down to one man who is running Yahoo news digital network Dylan Stableford. Dylan Stableford started with MTV and then went over to Howard Stern show. MTV owned by Viacom and MTV has an award show that gives 15 minutes to let Kanye West rant about garbage. Kanye West is married to a porn star who stays in the news for nothing, her name is Kim Kardashian. Hillary Clinton can be seen here taking pictures with this family. What a great image for America youth.

hillary clinton disgusting picture with kardashians

So, we all know Yahoo keeps Kardashians in the news. Now you can see why Dylan Stableford job is supporting Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton obviously loves the money and support she gets from these news outlets and has probably made promises to the top executives. Dylan Stableford also comes from the Howard Stern show. Howard Stern is the biggest media bias and he is showing his support for Hillary Clinton. Why? Howard Stern is clueless but only does what his Jewish elite bias tell him to do. Howard Stern doesn't even know why Hillary emails are being investigated. He thinks anyone emails can be investigated and she was hacked. Unfortunately for Howard Stern, he doesn't know that as a public official all your emails are to be kept public. When you are a public official any citizen is supposed to be able to look at your emails, and make sure you are working for them. Hillary Clinton private email server while in office shows she was hiding her corruption. 

So, bottom line is Dylan Stableford is the Senior Editor at Yahoo News. He is for Hillary Clinton and wants to keep Kardashians in the news. That is what he gets paid for. He is biased and you should not get your political news from Yahoo. 

Update 11/18/2016 - Dylan Stableford probably is out of a job since Trump got elected and still running Yahoo because someone is trolling on this blog about him. HAHA - So Happy Trump won and you got to see first hand idiots like this whose entire job is to steer your opinion. 

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