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Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs

Picked up figured it was a good domain for the 2017 Wrestlemania Orlando event. Sold a couple tickets on domain. 

Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs

Well, the decision was done and was stolen, ripped off using the same old ADRForum domain scam as usual. Matthew C. Winterroth of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc attorney paid around $1200 to get this $10 domain. It didn't cost me anything, and I made almost $500 in ticket sales as you can see. Now obviously WWE has billions of dollars, but wouldn't it have been easier and saved money if Matthew C. Winterroth of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc just bought the domain off me for $500? Could have saved him $1200 and been a lot easier. 

Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs Dan Klein / Brad Campbell of Job Killing Scam

Job Killing is a website that was scamming people out of thousands of dollars to join. It posted ads on facebook about this great home based business opportunity. The founders lead people to believe they could start local lead generation companies. On record the founders Dan Klein and Brad Campbell talk about digital assets, and how you can own these and rent them to licensed contractors. They don't have a web presence so you take care of it for them, and if they do not want to pay you per lead or monthly find a new one.

Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs Auto Auction Orlando

Mark Daniel Adamczyk owns the website - This website was setup to drive leads to a business for people who are looking to buy vehicle at auction. Saving thousands from dealerships. You know how many car dealers are in this world, so when you start ranking on google for "Auto Auction Orlando" you are going to piss some people off. 

To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing ― Aristotle

The website is still active and if you are interested in seeing what vehicles go for at auction you can sign up. The site goes through which Mark Daniel Adamczyk has been doing since 2009. It's a great tool to view what dealers pay for vehicles. You see companies like True Car popping up about what customers pay for the car. How about seeing what the dealer actually paid for the car. Great concept, but lead to some internet back lashing. One Guy Paul Travers the Auto Auction Guy was a great friend at one point. However, without a proper contract or business in place the relationship got rocky and finally bottomed out. We hope Paul is doing well and wish him nothing but the best. Although we both have probably grown the rip off reports remain LOL 

Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs Hakkasan Las Vegas

Some google results pop up about Hakkasan suing me and it's kind of funny. I have never been served with papers. Never attended a hearing. If they have default judgment they achieved it fraudulently and I can prove it. Not sure why they went the court route anyway when you can just use AdrForum and get the domain back for cheaper. Of course I used the trademark, but in Bad Faith? Perhaps, but would need a judge to decide that. Lawyers want to bill I get it, but what did they achieve? I still have and forwards to my site.

So, what's the story with you and Hakkasan anyway? Well, my buddy lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and does VIP hosting. He wanted a new way to attract clients for his business. I built - as an SEO Expert I realized a lot of the searches were coming in for "Hakkasan Bottle Service" and "XS Bottle Service" so I bought and and outranked the club and was getting my buddy a lot of leads. Guess it pissed off the club owners in Vegas and they went the court route. Not sure what it achieved though since I still have all the domains up and get leads. Goes to show you can easily get judgment against people for the littlest things. A lot of people who say "scam artist" about me with nothing to back it up will see for themselves. 

Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs Jack Hutchings

Due to the court order not much can be said about this case. However, Mark Daniel Adamczyk will admit he should have never got involved. This was a huge mistake that cost tons of money, time and even jail time. Yes - jail time over a civil case. The powers that be have all the power when it comes to certain things. You should get yourself a very good lawyer if you ever plan on being involved in something that could lead to litigation. Unfortunately, lawyers cost a lot of money. Mark Daniel Adamczyk sincerely apologizes to the parties involved in Adamczyk v Hutchings.

Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs Bobby Luthra Orlando

Mark Daniel Adamczyk is a web design and SEO expert in Orlando, Florida. Bobby Luthra is a property something or other in the area with PIB land. Mark Daniel Adamczyk company was hired to build a blog talking about Bobby Luthra. Mark Daniel Adamczyk has never met and knows nothing about Bobby Luthra. Just as some of Mark Daniel Adamczyk clients have restaurants - it's not Mark Daniel Adamczyk job to validate that company menu. As was the case for the website built for Bobby Luthra. The person who paid Adamczyk company to build the website provided the content.