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Mark Daniel Adamczyk vs Auto Auction Orlando

Mark Daniel Adamczyk owns the website - This website was setup to drive leads to a business for people who are looking to buy vehicle at auction. Saving thousands from dealerships. You know how many car dealers are in this world, so when you start ranking on google for "Auto Auction Orlando" you are going to piss some people off. 

To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing ― Aristotle

The website is still active and if you are interested in seeing what vehicles go for at auction you can sign up. The site goes through which Mark Daniel Adamczyk has been doing since 2009. It's a great tool to view what dealers pay for vehicles. You see companies like True Car popping up about what customers pay for the car. How about seeing what the dealer actually paid for the car. Great concept, but lead to some internet back lashing. One Guy Paul Travers the Auto Auction Guy was a great friend at one point. However, without a proper contract or business in place the relationship got rocky and finally bottomed out. We hope Paul is doing well and wish him nothing but the best. Although we both have probably grown the rip off reports remain LOL